Flip Art Starter Deck - Creatures of the Artipelago


Flip Art is part art project, part game, and all fun!  Each deck is hours of coloring fun and game play.  The 20 blue colored "Art Cards" are designed to be drawn upon with crayon, ink, marker, or pencil.  On the back of each Art Card, there's room for the artist to sign their work of art.  Each player chooses one Stack Captain to lead their stacked art collection in a head to head battle.  Trade your Art Cards with family or friends.  

Full deck contains enough cards for two players to play the game.

16 Art Cards - Creatures of the Artipelago:  A mix of common, uncommon, rare, and very rare creature cards

4 Art Cards - Blank canvas Art Cards for creative expression in creating whatever you can imagine. 

6 Stack Captain cards - Doodle, Fresco, Chisel, Glaze, Mosaic, and Silver Point

6 Tie Breaker Cards 

Rule Booklet