Flip Art was developed because my middle daughter, Sadie, loves to draw and color, and she loves to play trading card games.  As her father, I wanted to play those trading card games with her, but I discovered that the rules were too complicated for the limited amount of time I had to devote to game play.  I also observed that she and many of her friends played simplified versions of games because to them, at 7-8 years old, the full game rules were too complicated.

Sadie would draw strange creatures in her school notebook and on her homework.  The creatures were inspired by the games she played and the books she read.  Many of her classmates also showed their love of doodling in their notebooks.  I thought their drawings were very good, but they'd eventually get thrown out with the old homework and the old notebooks.   

All the kids loved to collect and trade their game cards.  Even though they would likely never use them in a game, the cards kept accumulating.  

We had an idea.  What if there was a game that allowed for creative expression through coloring and drawing, what if it was easy to learn and play, and what if there was a trading component?  

Flip Art was born.  A trading card game for all generations.